Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Back! With more Health & Wellness...

After months of neglect, the Lemon Letter is back in action! My life got quite busy last February through April with my regular full-time job, but now I have no more excuses. With my return, I plan to add a more personal touch to my health articles and share more with you about what I am doing in my daily health journey. I will address diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, natural remedies as well as mental and emotional health. Health is always an evolution. I encourage you to take what you find valuable and incorporate it into your own health evolution.

Just a week ago, I was finally able to define and articulate specifically how I want to pursue my passion for natural health and wellness. It seems so obvious now, but here it is:

I want to be a health and wellness coach!

I'm not sure why it took two years to come up with that realization, but it is better late than never. Currently, I am an accountant by profession, but what I really love is what I write about here in my articles. Perhaps someday soon I will be able to devote as much time to this passion as I devote to crunching numbers! What I ultimately desire, though, is to see individuals take control of their health and become vibrant, glowing human beings.

What taking control of one's health means to me:
  • First, it means taking care of the physical body through food, exercise, and natural remedies. This manifests as a body which grows and ages gracefully, free of physical pain and degenerative disease.
  • Second, it means taking care of one's emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This shows through increased happiness, optimism, compassion, and love for life without reason.
  • Third, it means taking care of one's surroundings to support a healthy lifestyle. This would manifest in taking care of the environment such that a healthy life may be maintained in perpetuity. This would also manifest in taking care of one's relationships and personal affairs. For example, one needs to be in control of one's finances to eliminate stress and unhealthy behaviors that might result from such disorder. In fact, you can expect a future article where my accountant-self weighs in to address health in finances.

I hope you will keep reading. I've got an article coming on natural hygiene and beauty routine which I have been experimenting with for months! Check back later for plenty of health topics to come!

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Heartpathcoach said...

You have so much to offer Julia! Thanks for putting this out there! I love reading about your passion it's inspiring! You go girl! Keep it up, the world needs you!