Monday, May 12, 2014

Sun Love! Natural sun protection for your skin

Announcing natural sun protection from the Annmarie Skin Care line: 
Sun Love -- a topical lotion without the poison! I had the privilege to try a sample, and it is lovely. Unlike other sunblocks, it does not make my skin feel greasy, does not clog my pores, and it has a pleasing, subtle scent.

Sun Love uses 18% zinc oxide, a trusted ingredient that blocks both UVA and UVB rays -- the culprits of skin cancer and sun burns. Instead of toxic chemicals found in most off-the-shelf sunscreens, Annmarie skin care opted for natural herbs & oils for the Sun Love formula. You'll notice that Sun Love does not have an SPF rating. However, please educate yourself further on what this means and why you can trust zinc oxide to provide sun refracting power.

Keep in mind, however, this does not give you a free license to bake yourself for hours out in the sun. As much as I love to bask in the afternoon rays myself, it's not a good idea for maintaining youthful, healthy skin. Sun Love can extend you a little more time to enjoy the summer sunshine with much less worry.

In tandem, I recommend protecting yourself from the inside, using the antioxidant supplement astaxanthin. I call this my internal sunscreen and take it all summer long. It's more effective if you begin supplementing a couple days leading up to sun exposure.

Double your protection from skin cancer & accelerated aging, 100% naturally, from the inside & outside with this killer combination: Sun Love and Astaxanthin.

Try Sun Love for FREE: samples of Sun Love, Natural Sun Protection will be given to every person who places a sample kit order between May 12-19th. The sun is out! Get yours now.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Going Omnivore….

Approximately this time two years ago, I decided conduct a little experiment... just to see how I would feel. When it comes to food and health, I am always tweaking something. I like to read and educate myself, then try things that have worked for others to see if they will work for me. It started when I ran across Mark’s Daily Apple. And then I ran across this, which lead to this here and this other really cool thing. I decided to “go Primal” for one month to see what would happen.

These are some basic guidelines of the Primal Diet:

  • Animals: Meat, fish, fowl, & eggs. Strive for local, pasture-raised, or organic.
  • Vegetables: Bulk of dietary emphasis, enjoy in abundance. Strive for locally-grown or organic
  • Healthy fats: Butter, coconut oil, avocados, coconut products, olive/olive oil, macadamia nuts
  • Moderation foods: Local, seasonal fruits. High-fat dairy. Nuts, seeds, & nut butters. Starchy tubers, quinoa, and wild rice for supplemental carbs if you really need them (i.e. you are really active).
  • Sensible indulgences: Red wine and dark chocolate 


  • Beverages: soda, sport drinks, bottled juices
  • Conventional meats: Hormones and pesticides, antibiotics, grain-fed, and nitrates
  • Dairy: non and low-fat conventional products
  • Fast food: chemically treated, deep fried
  • Farmed fish and Atlantic salmon
  • Grains: cereal, corn, pasta, rice, crackers, chips, muffins, tortillas, bread – including whole grains!
  • Legumes: beans, soy, peanuts, peanut butter
  • Oils: Trans/partially hydrogenated and vegetable/seed oils
  • Processed/Packaged Snack Food, Sweets, and Condiments 

Inner voice: “What?? Give up beans and rice, my main subsistence?? What’s wrong with beans anyway??”

Well, the fact was my digestion was not working properly. I felt I had tried everything... all kinds of herbs and natural remedies and cleanses and so on. I was popping digestive enzymes like an 8-year-old with a bag of Halloween candy. But still no permanent cure. Daily upset stomachs were really cramping my style. A digestive protocol will follow in another post, but for now let’s get back to my experiment.

After going primal, only a short time later I experienced the following major results:

  1. I no longer had to eat continuously. I could suddenly make it through hour-long meetings at work without having a complete mental melt-down. Currently, I can eat 3 meals a day and feel sustained throughout my day. I can feel hunger and still maintain strong mental and physical performance in dealing with “life.” If I’m too busy to get to my next meal, I can survive an extended period between meals. 
  2. Combined with my daily CrossFit practice, I gained a very healthy 10 or 12 pounds of lean body mass. It should be noted that I still fit in my jeans... (well, mostly). The fact is, I was kinda scrawny, so this weight-gain for me was a *good* thing. 

Two years later, the experiment is long over, but I have not gone back to my former dietary ways.

I feel I've run the gamut as far as diets go. I've tried vegetarian, vegan, and raw. I spent half my life eating what the typical American family eats (think Cheerios, pizza, and Rice-A-Roni). And now I am basically a conscious omnivore that stays away from the USDA food pyramid recommended guidelines (6 servings of pasta per day? Really?).

Please note that:

I do not think there is a one-size-fits-all diet (This is MY experience).
I do not think that following this kind of diet is harmful to the planet (stay tuned for another post on how this diet is actually more in-line with a healthy vegetarian/vegan diet than it seems.)

Until then, remember this:

....We are all on our own journey here. My truth is not the same as your truth. But we can all borrow a few gems from here, there, or one’s neighbor for the continual betterment of ourselves and thereby the planet.