Monday, May 12, 2014

Sun Love! Natural sun protection for your skin

Announcing natural sun protection from the Annmarie Skin Care line: 
Sun Love -- a topical lotion without the poison! I had the privilege to try a sample, and it is lovely. Unlike other sunblocks, it does not make my skin feel greasy, does not clog my pores, and it has a pleasing, subtle scent.

Sun Love uses 18% zinc oxide, a trusted ingredient that blocks both UVA and UVB rays -- the culprits of skin cancer and sun burns. Instead of toxic chemicals found in most off-the-shelf sunscreens, Annmarie skin care opted for natural herbs & oils for the Sun Love formula. You'll notice that Sun Love does not have an SPF rating. However, please educate yourself further on what this means and why you can trust zinc oxide to provide sun refracting power.

Keep in mind, however, this does not give you a free license to bake yourself for hours out in the sun. As much as I love to bask in the afternoon rays myself, it's not a good idea for maintaining youthful, healthy skin. Sun Love can extend you a little more time to enjoy the summer sunshine with much less worry.

In tandem, I recommend protecting yourself from the inside, using the antioxidant supplement astaxanthin. I call this my internal sunscreen and take it all summer long. It's more effective if you begin supplementing a couple days leading up to sun exposure.

Double your protection from skin cancer & accelerated aging, 100% naturally, from the inside & outside with this killer combination: Sun Love and Astaxanthin.

Try Sun Love for FREE: samples of Sun Love, Natural Sun Protection will be given to every person who places a sample kit order between May 12-19th. The sun is out! Get yours now.

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