Monday, May 27, 2013

Shaving to bring about world peace...

Ladies and Gents! I’d like to solve one of your biggest problems…

Razor rash. Shaving is something that all of us have in common. For me, it’s been a life-long frustration.

Well, razor rash no more! Perhaps world peace sounds like a much more significant achievement, but eliminating razor rash would certainly solve a daily, nagging irritation, yes? Perhaps if Flavius Odoacer had eliminated his razor rash, the Roman Empire would still be alive and well today…

Hark! Let’s embrace a phenomenal solution.

I’d like to introduce you to MyShavingClub. For as little as $5.99 per month, you can have the best shave of your life without the nagging after-effects. You’ll never even miss the nicks and cuts you’ve come to accept as facts of human life. This brand new, Chicago startup just launched last week with the aim of delivering high-end, American-made shaving products via monthly subscription right to your doorstep.

Read their press release here.

I got my razors in the mail mere days ago and put them to the test. In all honesty, I can say it was the best shave I've ever experienced. Not only the best but also the quickest. It didn't even feel like blades scraping over my skin. Silky smooth legs in no time!

My sweetie tried out the men's blades and said it was a definite upgrade from the Mach3 blades he had been using in the past. Now he's sporting a silky smoooooth face! …Nice!

If you buy razors at all, there's no reason not to buy from MyShavingClub. Not only is it convenient (delivered to your door with no added shipping charge!), but it's just as affordable as the refill cartridges you buy at the super market. Not only that, but they are 10 times BETTER than what your supermarket provides!

Your first shipment includes a handle and blades while subsequent shipments provide blade refills. No shipping costs are added to the already low price, and you can cancel your subscription any time. What a deal! I am SOLD SOLD SOLD.

Hey hey, for those of you women always looking for a good, manly gift to give, this is a great option (men are rather difficult to buy for, no?).

Bonus tips from the Lemon Letter for a better shave experience:

  • Before using your razor, disinfect the blades with a sprayable hydrogen peroxide. If you store your razor in the shower, the daily moisture and steam creates an ideal environment for mold and bacterial growth -- the last thing you want under your skin!
  • After shaving, moisturize with a 15% tea tree and jojoba mixture. I merely purchase Jojoba oil and Tea Tree from Trader Joe's or Mountain Rose Herbs and combine them together in a dropper bottle. The Tea Tree will disinfect and prevent the possibility of inflamed red bumps while Jojoba will moisturize and carry the Tea Tree into your pores.

Check out and let’s embrace a solution that brings us one step closer to world peace.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Immunity Arsenal

An especially brutal cold/flu virus has afflicted a great many friends and coworkers in recent weeks. Some of these people haven’t been sick in years yet were totally wiped out by this bug. 
BUT.... I seem to have skipped right through the raindrops in perfect health when historically, I tend to catch every ailment that crosses my path.
So what can be attributed to my stalwart resilience against this particularly nasty epidemic???
One thing to which I can give credit is Oil of Oregano.

Oregano is antiviral, antibacterial, and an immune stimulant. I took one capsule in the morning and one at night. This stuff is potent.

Whilst searching the corners of the earth for remedies to heal my ailing coworkers and friends, I happened upon this little gem:

It reminded me of the Stanley Burroughs lemon drink my dad dubbed “Lemon Cure.”
I made this “Flu Shot” drink for myself to try it out.
And then I made a second, modified version. This is what I did:
  • 6 Lemons, juiced
  • 3 Tbsp. honey
  • 2 tsp fresh ginger
  • 1 garlic clove, pressed
  • 1/4 tsp Cayenne
  • 3 C. Warm water

And a bonus remedy for your plague-fighting bag of tricks:

  • Fresh grapefruit juice blended with garlic

Blend ‘er up and drink it down if you feel something chipping away at your immunity. This one, I believe, comes from a mountaineer. He swears by it, so give it a go and report back.

In the meantime, stay tuned to hear what else I’ve been up to in the last year such that the Lemon Letter has fallen dismally to the way side... you know, besides holding down a full-time job, staying fit, reading books, & constantly exploring the definition of healthy, whole food.

Oh, and a girl needs a little down-time too, ya know....