Friday, October 23, 2009

The Kind Diet

Alicia Silverstone was in Portland this week at Powell's Books to present her just-released, fantastic, new book: The Kind Diet. I attended her talk and got an autographed book for myself. I have to say I was very impressed with her speech and, so far, her book (though I'm only 27 pages into it). When I first learned of her book, I was a bit skeptical. I thought she would just be another vegan presenting a book full of recipes utilizing rancid vegetable oils, tofu, and refined products -- recipes I would not be interested in. I was completely wrong.

Alicia presents a spectacular approach to veganism with which I can completely agree because she combines the pursuit of veganism along with the pursuit of health (body & planet). She also approaches it with compassion, not only for the animals whose lives she is saving, but also for herself. She does not deny herself dinners out or a bite of dessert (even one that contains a touch of dairy) because she does so consciously. She eats well before and after an indulgence and remains aware of how such an indulgence makes her feel physically.

The Kind Diet is fun and interesting to read. Alicia shares her personal story, the science supporting a vegan diet, meal plans, and delicious recipes that will make you never want for meat and dairy. It is inspirational and motivating even for myself who is already convinced. Of all the vegan/vegetarian books I have read thus far, this is my favorite!

I caught a glimpse of a few recipes while flipping through the book such as sweet potato-lentil stew, ginger pasta with zucchini, and chocolate peanut butter cups. Perhaps not all her ingredients will meet my standards, but I can always swap those out for something I prefer.

If you are battling with fatigue, weight gain, skin problems, low energy, inflammation, heart disease, allergies, asthma, cloudy thinking, or other health problems, a vegan diet may help eliminate those struggles. By adopting a vegan diet, Alicia eliminated allergies, achieved her ideal body weight, got rid of cystic acne, gained vibrant energy for living, and experiences greater self awareness.

If you would like to explore the vegan diet but still need some inspiration and direction for how to begin, Alicia's book is a fantastic starting point. It's all a journey. Allow yourself to take a step.

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